Friday 27 January 2012

Touchstone Thursday: Rob Gargett's And Then There Were None.

Believe me. I had good intentions. But the evening's already growing old, and life has made sure that I'm no closer to a coherent touchstone post than I was three hours ago. Forgive me. 
     So, for this week only...Thursday has been cancelled. I fully expect that next week will have the full compliment of seven days and that you'll forget that this week lacked a Thursday.     
In the meantime, since my 'Donor' button fundraising effort seems to have hit a wall, you could help me out by thinking of some crafty ways for me to find enough money to do research in the Czech Republic this summer!
     And, please don't forget to drop a penny in the mug on your way out. Thanks. You'll prolly be hearing from me tomorrow.

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