Sunday 12 August 2012

A Very Happy Unbirthday To Me!

Alice is vexed at the idea of an unbirthday.
Later, she realizes her mistake and everyone at the table celebrates hers.

It's here. 
My unbirthday. 
Even though I've been already been a historical archaeological site for ten years, it feels different, somehow, to have made it to 60. 
In the astronomy and astrophysics academy, your colleagues organize a special symposium when you reach your seventh decade. 
British monarchs have (albeit rarely) celebrated their 60th year on the throne with a Diamond Jubilee, as was the case with H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II in anno domini MMXII.
     I'm celebrating today [even though I'm disinclined to believe it's happening] because in the past ten months I've unexpectedly rekindled and cemented friendships that I made along the way, AND, through happenstance, become acquainted with a gratifyingly large number of new friends and kindred spirits. 
     So, dear friends, charge your glasses and join me in a better days and happy endings!   

Surf City, U.S.A.


  1. Have a great day Rob! Katrina and Rhys

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  3. I never expected to make it to 60. In fact, I never planned on it, which would explain why my body is so broken. I'll be 62 in November and I feel as if I'm living on borrowed time.


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