Tuesday 4 June 2013

O. M. F. G.! Monkeys Are Smarter Than Women? And We Thought The Tea Baggers Were Nuts...

I'm only gonna ask this riddle once.

Why are there no hate speech laws in the United States of America?
Because the country is riddled with Erick Ericksons and the people who listen to him. 

This from The Daily Currant
Erick Erickson: ‘Most Monkeys’ Are Smarter Than Women Jun. 04, 2013 
Fox News contributor Erick Erickson delved further into controversy today by claiming that most species of monkey are more intelligent than human women.
In an interview on Lou Dobbs' radio show today, the founder of conservative blog RedState was asked why he thought there had never been a female president and responded in typically misogynistic fashion.
"Well there's no mystery there," Erickson responded. "The laws of nature dictate that males are intellectually superior to females. In order to become president of the United States, you gotta have some brains to work with."
"It's not like no woman has ever tried. Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was gonna be president, but she got outsmarted by a man. Most don't even get that far; they get outsmarted at the Congressional or Senate level."
"Women are dumb, Lou. Most species of monkey are smarter than women. Not gorillas necessarily, but certainly chimpanzees, orangutans and baboons."
Erickson founded the blog RedState in 2004, and it has since grown to become one of the most influential conservative publications on the Internet.
He has parlayed this success into a career as a pundit, first as a contributor for CNN and now for Fox News. His forays into television, however, have been fraught with controversy as he's continually used the platform to make misogynistic statements on national television.
Last week in a segment lamenting female-headed households, he claimed that in nature males are "dominant" and females "submissive." But today's outburst seemed too much even for fellow-traveler Lou Dobbs.
"Erick I respect your views," Dobbs interrupted, "and I certainly share them most of the time. But I have to ask, is that going a little too far? I mean women are clearly inferior to men. But monkeys? Really?"
"A lot of people assume women are smart because they understand language," Erickson retorted, "but look at their critical thinking and logical reasoning abilities. Just 'cause they can talk don't mean they have something smart to say."
And on spatial reasoning and navigation, women are a disaster. If you ask a male chimpanzee to drive to the other side of town and pick up some pizza, I can assure you he won't get lost on the way home."
Erickson has not responded to multiple requests for comment, but tweeted about the incident shortly after:
"I know the Loony Left freaks out whenever I tell the truth, but women are DUM! Deal with it!" 
I won't even bother to point out the dumb-ass grammar, bald-face lies, and incredibly hateful language and opinions. Abu Graib is too good for people like Erick Erickson.

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