Sunday 27 April 2014

Down the Rabbit-Hole with the Subversive Archaeologist

You've read the blog. Now, thrill to the book!

I'm aiming this volume at senior undergraduates and post-graduate students who need a quick primer on the controversial views of the Subversive Archaeologist, Rob Gargett. Still in preparation, Neanderthals: Down the Rabbit-Hole with the Subversive Archaeologist will be published in serial form, in the iBook format, beginning this spring. Look for the first chapter in late May. For each part you'll be asked to contribute a nominal sum to further the Subversive Archaeologist's investigations of all manner of questionable archaeological inferences. When you've collected all of the parts, you'll receive a unitary version of the publication, including all of the serialized parts, a powerful index, and illustrative material in addition to that which appeared in the serialized version.

Here's a teaser for Chapter 1, which is well underway. One of the myriad original illustrations to look forward to.

One feature of the interactive experience is the Marshalltown trowel. Click on it and you'll see important and original background information, as you can see in the enhanced version of page one, displayed below.

Keep checking back for news and updates.