Thursday 1 January 2015

The People Have Spoken: 2014's Top Ten Most Popular Subversive Archaeologist Blurts

Happy New Year to you, Dear Reader. If you're new here, this list of the ten most popular Subversive Archaeologist blurts of 2014 will give you a taste of the variety and depth of discourse at this web locality. If you've been here before, you might see something you missed. Either way, I hope you understand that I wouldn't be here without your interest and support.

I'm keenly aware that this could easily be viewed as the subversive archaeologist resting on his laurels. However that phrase implies that one sees one's job as done and dusted. That's so far from the truth as to be like many of the myths—traditional and newly minted—that come under scrutiny here.

So, see what you think. They were chosen using Google's count of times individual pages have been visited [which is not without its problems, but which is the only metric that I have]. Scores range from 597 to 1,083. I have to hope that those numbers mean many more people are now aware of an alternative to the standard story in archaeology than would be the case if the Subversive Archaeologist didn't exist.

They appear in no particular order.

No. 1: Neanderthal Co-operative Hunting, the Way It Surely Must Have Been

No. 2: The Levallois Technique: Human Evolution or Intelligent Design?

No. 3 Even Less Proof That Neanderthals Buried Their Dead

No. 4 Not Again!!! Yep! The La Chapelle Not-A-Burial-Pit Not So Much Rectangular as Irregularly Ovaloid.

No. 5 Anchor What? No. Angkor Wat! Take A Stroll Around This UNESCO World Heritage Jewel In Your Web Browser. Virtually. For Reals!

No. 6 Overheard At The Bar: "Hi, Babe. My Name's Cliff. Drop Over Some Time!"

No. 7 Why Are Subversive Archaeologists A Rarity?

No. 8 No, Paola Villa and Will Roebroeks, los neandertales no eran estúpidos! Pero muchos arqueólogos podrán ser estúpidos, o de manera más correcta, los más crédulos!

No. 9 Well, Whaddayaknow? A Discourse on Discourse or Why Can't Anthropologists Get Along?

No. 10 Neanderthal Childhood? WTF? Spikins et al. Should Get A Grip!


  1. Your all wrong Rob the #1 blog was your ripping of bear hash marks. #2. Your capes of feathers/bird feather blog.

    1. Hi, Anon! It's very kind of you to mention those two. It was fun to play the credulous acolyte in both cases!

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