Monday 17 October 2011


They say networking is close to not working. In my case it's not working at all! Where is my rescuer? Where are all the savvy archaeologists when you need them? Or physicists for that matter. My earlier request for help was serious.  I'm lost in the land of OSL special pleading, mathematics style. 
     This is no joke. It's only my intuition mind you, but I'm just a little curious about a chronometric age determination that requires 23 separate equations to arrive at an estimate of equivalent dose. Let's face it: TL and OSL rely on the easiest equation of them all! When did 'equivalent dose divided by annual dose = years in the ground' become so hard?
     Go ahead. I dare you! Read this snippet from page 359 of Galbraith et al. that includes equations 22 and 23. Doesn't it strike you as troubling? Maybe just a bit?

A physicist! A physicist! My kingdom...well, ok my rented studio for a Physicist!

     Thank you, and good night, and good luck to us all.

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