Thursday 9 February 2012

So Much To Say; So Little Time To Say It!

Here it is: Thursday again. 
     And I'm not ready for Thursday this week. 
     I feel a bit like Arthur Dent felt in Douglas Adams's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy when he famously stated 
'This must be Thursday.
I never could get the hang of Thursdays.'
And, wouldn't you know it, about twenty minutes later the Earth is demolished to make way for a new hyperspace by-pass! You see? Thursdays are inherently bad! And on this Thursday, February 9, 2012, I've too much to say about more pressing matters to leave me time to present a touchstone.
     Therefore, I'm officially cancelling Thursday this week, to make way for a) a crafty deflection of what I think is b) a set of misguided statements about c) my earlier statements about d) the sedimentary context of Campitello Quarry's birch tar, and what it may or may not say about e) the possibility of early Middle Palaeolithic chemical engineeringIn so doing, I'm hoping to forestall an Adams-like demolition of the Subversive Archaeologist in the process of making way for the Neaderthals R Us crew to keep their juggernaut from getting caught in traffic. As it were.
     So, please be patient, and forgive me the time that I'm having to spend on these matters. I believe that they're of crucial importance to subversive archaeologists of every stripe--NOT just those of you in the 'What were the Neanderthals?' arm of our business.