Monday 22 October 2012

Your Weekend Digest: Whether You LIke It Or Not

I gotta say. I had a strenuous weekend, as evinced, I hope, by the following.
First posted on Saturday, and now minutely updated.
The Subversive Archaeologist's Plaint: 'Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me'
Then a flurry on Sunday, beginning with this first crack at an answer to a very big question with wide-reaching implications.
The Iceman Cameth and Wenteth Away: Explaining How Neanderthals Survived the Ice Age Without the Ability to Make Clothing
And this, which, I've been informed, resembles other stories from the decades since WWII that have turned out to be gigantic get-rich-quick schemes that then fizzled out. Just the same, a boy can dream. Can't he?
This Is Way Too Cool to Pass Up: More than 100 Supermarine Spitfires to be exhumed in Myanmar!
Then, this. Can you imagine if this holds up? Uninterrupted varve deposits going back more than 50 millennia! Preserved organic material, like pine needles, with which to calibrate the 14C curve back to the limit of the technique. Truly this could be a landmark in Late Pleistocene archaeology.
Jeebuz, This is Big: Calendrically Correlated 14C Record Back to 53,000 B.P.
Have fun!

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