Saturday 5 January 2013

*clears throat* Don't Look Now. But...

We--you and I--and I mean that, are closing in on a huge way marker in the Subversive Archaeologist's young life. Some time in the next hour or so the all-time page view counter down the right sidebar will click past 99,999 and reach an even hundred grand since the inception of this blog, a mere 456 days ago.
     I couldn't have done this without my friends--new and old--who've supported these efforts for more than a year. In fact, I wouldn't have done this had it not been for you, gentle reader.
     A huge thank you to all of you! And many more to come.

SA announces new posts on the Subversive Archaeologist's facebook page (mirrored on Rob Gargett's news feed), on Robert H. Gargett's page, Rob Gargett's twitter account, and his Google+ page. A few of you have already signed up to receive email when I post. Others have subscribed to the blog's RSS feeds. You can also become a 'member' of the blog through Google Friend Connect. Thank you for your continued patronage. You're the reason I do this.

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