Wednesday 6 February 2013

Fearless Prognostication: Richard's Withered Arm Due Compression Neuropathy

Richard III King of England 1483 to 1485.
I couldn't help but hear. The team that discovered and just lately reported the results of their positive identification of Richard III's skeleton has stated that they see no evidence of what's been described as Richard's 'withered arm.' I've *ahem* borrowed a portion of the official image, which is shown above. I'm goin' on record as sayin' that his left scapula is malformed, and that although the left arm bones show no obvious signs of bone resorption, consider this...

The ulnar nerve emerges from the C8/7--T1 vertebral articulation. There's a really good chance, in that case, that the ulnar nerve was entrapped in Richard's twisted upper torso near the upper extent of his severe scoliotic backbone. If so, there's an even better chance that his left arms was next to useless. And, if so, the muscles of his left arm would have atrophied, resulting in something that a medieval physician might want to refer to as "withered."

That's it. That's all. Fearless prediction. You heard it here first.

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