Friday 8 February 2013

Riddle: What's Better Than Marrying Someone Whose Parents Own a Liquor Store?

I used to think there might not be a better set of circumstances than being related to the owners of a liquor store. Now I know there's something almost as good---upstairs neighbours who are accomplished amateur brewmeisters!

At this moment your favourite archaeologist is pouring a glass of hefeweizen from a 750 ml bottle that the upstairs neighbour gave me just a few moments ago. He and a pal are serious about this craft, by the look and the taste of it. They have a kegging system with a bunch o' 20-L kegs, CO-two bottle with different valves for different kegs. They're serious. And, although I was aware of his home-brewing before now, I'd never seen the keg setup, nor had I been fortunate enough to taste their products.

So, when I came across him and his beer today the poor guy made the fatal error of mentioning to me that they needed to "get rid of" what's left of the hefeweissen and a Scottish ale, to make room for in-progress brews. In a very uncharacteristic way, I brazenly fastened on his words and suggested that if he truly needed help in such matters that he need only whistle! Ten minutes later I walked downstairs with a bottle of each.

Now, I've had my fair share of malted beverages and I have to say that so far I'm giving these guys top marks. [And not just for generosity!] The hefe is about the colour of ginger ale and smooth as a baby's arse. It's nutty and grassy, and almost still, like a true ale should be.

This is me smiling!
Give a cheer, give a cheer
For the men who drink the beer
In the cellar of Murphy's saloon.
They are brave, they are bold
And the stories that are told
In the cellar of Murphy's saloon.
For it's guzzle, guzzle, guzzle
As they pour it down their muzzle
And shout out their orders loud and clear:
"More beer."
For it's more, more, more
As the cops break down the door
In the cellar of Murphy's saloon.
Traditional paean to the delicious amber liquid

The Peasant Dance, Pieter Bruegel c. 1569

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