Pod Hradem Cave 2012

     Thanks to everyone who helped me with donations! [And any who choose to show their support for the Subversive Archaeologist in a tangible way! Thanks in advance!] You MUST read to the end to get the really kewl news!

The die are cast. The tickets are bought. The accommodation is reserved. I'm goin' t' the Czech Republic [apparently come hell or high water] for the last three weeks of July, 2012. I'm also going deeply into debt, but don't concern yourself. I'm not! If all I do is pay the minimum monthly payment I'm likely to expire before the final bill comes due! After all, I'll be 60 this year [!], and the odds are well against me outliving my debt! 
     Thes maps show 1) the location of Europe on a flattened projection of the world, and 2) the Czech Republic in the heart of Europe with an inset of Moravia where this subversive train is heading.

Brno (Brün), historic capital of Moravia ( which was a province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, until the Emperor and this realm met their political demise during WWI).
I'm goin' British Airways from San Francisco to London-Heathrow [freee drinks and food! Beat that, Virgin Atlantic!], then BA from London-Heathrow to Vienna [same cabin service, I might add!]. Then a Student Agency Express coach from Vienna Airport to Brno's Grand Hotel. A night in the Grand Hotel [thanks to British Airways an affordable five-start, European hotel, then on to Skalní mlýn  with Lad Nejman and the crew. I'll be living very near the site, at Chata Macocha, where I stayed last year. See below!
Where I'll be staying in Brno inbound and outbound! It's grand. Isn't it? 

Skalní mlýn 
Chata Macocha at the summit of the Macocha Gorge
Early 20th century photograph of Macocha Gorge and Chata Macocha
Pod hradem cave is within spitting distance, even if it is a tramway ride to the valley floor then a hike up on the opposite side to about the same elevation.
Entrance to Pod hradem cave, with one of its original excavators in the foreground--Professor Dr. Karel Valoch
For the interested parties, all of the sediments are transported to the valley floor where they are wet sieved in the Punkva River, noteworthy because it emerges in classic karst-like style from its underground course right across the valley from Pod hradem cave.
Bags of sediment from the cave, transported to the valley floor using a makeshift overhead tramway--very slick!
Wet sieving in the [truly] ice-cold Punkva River
Now for the really good bit. I'm investing in an iPad with 4G so I can...yes? Really! Live-blog the whole trip. How could I deny my friends and fellow subversives a first-hand view of life on a central European archaeological expedition? I'll have Face Time. So, anybody who want's a face-to-face from the heart of the Czech Republic just has to say so! I'm, as the denizens of Surf City, USA are wont to say, STOKED!!!!!!
     More details as the time grows closer.


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