Friday 21 December 2012

Takin' Care of Business

Tomorrow is the end of the world as I've known it for forty-plus years. A simple twist of fate has meant that I will have no visible means of support beginning on January 1 and continuing indefinitely. In preparation for my departure from the University of California Observatories I've been busier than the proverbial one-armed wallpaper hanger. For the past week and more I've arrived home in the evening with one thing on my mind--a glass of wine and sleep. Sorry. Two things on my mind--a glass of wine, seasonal songs and sleep. As this is beginning to sound too much like a Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch, I'll drop the meme.
     But I won't drop the euphoria that I'm feeling at the prospect of notworking. You can have your networking. All I've ever wanted was notworking. Don't worry. I'll keep working here. And I won't have the brutalizing office environment to drag me down. So, I'll return to the Subversive Archaeologist with renewed vigour after a brief holiday.
     And, wouldn't you know it? I just received word of this, which promises to be a real hoot.

"Protective buttressing of the human fist and the evolution of hominin hands," by Michael H. Morgan and David R. Carrier, Journal of Experimental Biology 216, 236-244.
The authors have made the claim that fist-fighting might explain the evolution of the human hand. Or, do they say it's the other way around? I can hardly wait to have my say. Stay tuned!

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