Saturday 30 March 2013

A Drink is Like a Hug


I'm really happy to fulfill the promise I made to you the other day, when I installed the image of the pacifier in the side bar. In its place is a ... yep ... a portal to my latest and greatest brainchild. I've opened a kewl online store to hawk exclusive merchandise inscribed with the immortal words, "A drink is like a hug." It just rolls off the tongue. Doesn't it? It's long been my motto. I've never needed another. Now you can make it yours, too!

If everything is working according to plan, you can click on the image above and be transported effortlessly to my newest lair and have a look around. You're under no obligation to buy, nor will I mention it again in this blog. The overtly shameless bit of self-promotion at top right is all that'll remain of my involvement with today's announcement. [By week's end, I'm betting even POTUS Obama will be wearing something with my heartfelt motto emblazoned on it. Maybe not. A girl can dream. Can't she?]

In addition to the clothing on offer to the right, there are cell-phone skins, postage stamps, and, yes, pacifiers. Next up will be links for you who live outside of the US.

When you've recovered from your laughing fit, I'd just like to remind you that my [how should I put this?] archaeological critical acuity is in no way imperiled by my efforts elsewhere online. But I should warn you, you won't want to be the last to pick up your piece of the latest apogee of popular culture!

I don't wanna haveta say "I told you so!" FYI:
"A drink is like a hug" is a not-quite-finished-being-registered trademark of the Subversive Archaeologist.

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