Thursday 28 March 2013

For Reals? Indiana Jones at Orange County, California's DISCOVERY SCIENCE CENTER?

Unreal. Photo credit insidethemagic
Tell me it isn't so. This must be a definition of science of which I was previously unaware. *sighs* First there was infotainment. Now there's educafiction! This popped up on the SA news ticker a moment ago. "‘Indiana Jones’ exhibit unearths new interest in archeology for young and old at California’s Discovery Science Center." The source is none other than the Disney company, itself.
For an up-close look at the film franchise, the Discovery Science Center in Orange County, California is now featuring an exhibit called “Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archeology,” on display through April 21, 2013 featuring original and instantly recognizable props, costumes, and artwork.
The reporter, Jeremiah Daws, thinks it's totally neat that
The information that is given is a nice balance between how the films were made and the basis for the archeology in the film, such as the truth behind the Ark of the Covenant
This must be what Stephen Colbert calls truthiness. We must be thankful for small mercies. And for this.
the exhibit also introduces the history of real archeology, featuring actual relics and pictures of the men that the Indiana Jones character was based on.
And who are these giants of "real archaeology?" I know I should recognize this guy...

I. swear. to. gawd. Credit insidethemagic
The one in the picture, I mean. Not the geekazoid reading a fake real archaeology text booky thing. I guess there's a silver lining to this conflation of reality and altered states of reality. At least there are no dinosaurs! Because of that, I think I'll wait for the Avatar exhibition.

Binford's probably rolling around in his grave.

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