Thursday 21 March 2013

Shameless Self-Promotion [Subtitle: Later is Coming Sooner Than I Thought! And This Body Needs To Find Work in British Columbia by September!]

Sorry for the incredibly long title of this afternoon's offering.

Ya see.... It's almost the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. That means two things. Christians will be celebrating Easter on the last day of March this year AND it's less than six months until the absence of universal health care in the U.S. will compel me to hie myself back to the North Country and begin the next phase of my life, which, I might add, I hope'll be long and prosperous. 

For you, the reader, my change of circumstances won't even be perceptible. As long as my three-cylinder, 1.0-L 1997 Geo Metro makes it all the way from Surf City, California to somewhere in the neighborhood of Vancouver [B.C.] the trip shouldn't take more than a couple o' days. O' course, the road trip is the least of my worries.

Because I'll be moving back with, basically, the shirt on my back, and I can't afford freight to move heavy objects from here to there, I'm faced with unloading half a lifetime's accumulated books---mostly archaeology and physical anthropology. I'd rather they went to good homes. Otherwise I might canvass the local libraries to find out if they want any dusty, esoteric volumes anywhere from 5 to 50 years old.

Course, that's still not the biggest problem I face in moving back home.

I'll need to find work. *clears throat*

So. I reckon I'll be what you might call an itinerant archaeologist. That means I can do anything from typing your field notes to formatting it to look all professional to writing your report to teaching about your your report. In short I'll do most anything that doesn't involve selling things to people, especially mean people. That kinda limits me. I know.

Even university teaching, which I'm eminently qualified for, can be difficult for me. So, if I'm asked to teach, I'll do so only when I've seen sworn affidavits from all the prospective students to the effect that they promise not to make fun of me!

Now, I'm well aware that you prolly don't live anywhere near Vancouver or the Lower Mainland of B.C. However, as you know, there is plenty that I could help you with that can easily be done remotely. [I should hasten to add that I'm not sayin' your place of residence is remote.]

So, my friendly subversive. I'm beggin' ya t' think hard about how Im a'gonna support myself when I get back to my home and native land.

Any help you can offer will be truly appreciated.



I mean it!

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  1. Got a space for you to room in; around Lynn Valley.

  2. Dear Anonymous. Thank you so much for the offer. I'm very interested! It won't be 'til September If that's not a problem, for privacy's sake could you please message me at or send email to
    Much appreciated.


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