Wednesday 17 September 2014

Herding Cats! Episode 1.

I'm crazy busy these days.

Friends from 30 years ago asked me to help them pump out 18 interim reports by 31 October on excavations that didn't get going 'til late August, and are ongoing. I'd be telling tales out of school, and it'd prolly be immensely unprofessional of me to give you the details. I can tell you that I'm working in Burnaby, BC.

I leave World Headquarters on the Salish Sea roughly two hours before I start work. First is a 13-mile (~20 km) drive to the nearest Park-n-Ride on the Canadian side. A half-hour bus ride gets me to the nearest mass-transit station. After one change, I get to work about 0800. If I leave a few minutes before 1600, I get home around 1800. If I mess up, it's 1830. That's if there's no backup at the US-Canada border, which there often is.

Saturdays I'm the proprietor and sole employee at the Subversive Shirts mobile storefront on Peace Portal Drive, Blaine, Washington, from 1000 until 1400 or later. Then it's back to World Headquarters to count my money, ready the mobile enterprise for the next outing, and a glass of wine or four before I collapse in the early evening.

Sundays are GOLD! But thanks to my efforts to stave off penury, they're often filled with the busy-ness of business—even nascent, yet to blossom, business. And then it's time to get ready for the next work week.

So, Dear Reader, you and the Subversive Archaeologist are the losers in this competition for my time.

I have to follow through on my commitment to help my old friends out of a bind, and in the process get paid more than I would have earned had I stayed at home filling your mind with excellent subversions.

So. I promise I'll be back full time some time in the future. And any time I see some egregiously credulous BS in the news, I'll lose sleep to keep you informed.

That's the best I can promise.