Tuesday 23 September 2014

TAG! I'm IT!


Great things are, indeed, afoot.

I've just booked a 15-day holiday in Manchester, England, later in the year. I'll be in Merry Olde from the 12th of December until Boxing Day, the 26th. Christmas in England—one of my lifelong dreams, soon to come true.

Manchester is in the southwest of the area known in Roman times as Brigantes, right near the border with Cornavii. Click here for an embiggened map with Manchester circled in red.

Oh, and you might have heard of Manchester, because it's the home of the world's most famous and popular soccer football team, Manchester United!

You're prolly wondering why I'd bother devoting an entire post to this bit of news.

I'll give you a hint or three.

Michael Shanks and Christopher Tilley.

Alison Wylie.

Colin Renfrew.

The Subversive Archaeologist.

TAG, you're it!

OK. I'll stop this little game right now.

I've accepted an invitation to be the discussant at a symposium to be held at the founding Theoretical Archaeology Group annual meeting. *waits a moment for that to sink in*

Yup. That's right. Little [not that little, really]. Old [sadly]. Me [Ç'est moi!]. Un. B. Effing. Lievable!

Friend of The Subversive Archaeologist, Paul Preston, is one of the organizers, as you can see from the session description, below.

Wrap your head around that one, Dear Reader.

O' course, I'm gonna hafta bone up on my Deleuze. Whaddyamean, "What's the difference?" I'm with Deleuze on that point. I'm living proof that difference has nothing to do with being something else first. As to how that works into my epistemology, you'll just have to wait to find out!

If you're in Manchester at the TAG, your favourite subversive will never be far from the proceedings. Unless there's a good alehouse nearby!

I am seriously excited!

But, it's back to herding cats tomorrow morning. So. Gotta go. Bye. See ya.

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