Tuesday 15 November 2011

Conard's Canard

About those pretty 15,000 year old dotted rocks from Hohle Fels cave in Southern Germany. SpiegelOnline has a write-up that includes a comment from the project leader, Nick Conard.
From SpiegelOnline
"These spots are anything but accidental. It is quite clear they have relevant content," said Conard. They might have a religious significance, or they might be a form of ice age menstruation calendar -- one point for each day. "But ultimately, you have to be humble and admit, we just don't know," Conard added.
Does anyone else find this 'sound bite' more than a little disconcerting, from any number of angles? I'm especially bothered by 'ice age menstruation calendar.' Think of it! Seriously, would a female need to keep track of the days? I hardly think so. If Dr. Conard is right, this is an example of male control of reproduction at 15 kya! 
     We're lucky that this whole 'menstruation calendar' thing is a figment of Nick's anachronistic gender construct. One wishes that he had been humble.

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  1. Of course a female might want to keep track of the days of her cycle. Don't be silly. You can't second guess what was important to someone dead for 15,000 years.

    OTOH, totally agree with the rest of your post. That rock looks like a childs doodling to me. My 5 year old does stuff like that to rocks all the time.


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