Tuesday 8 November 2011

What I'm Thinking About

This is sort of cheating, but it might serve to explain why I can't keep to a steady pace. I'm still thinking about the Neanderthal face. But now I'm also thinking about fire in the Middle Palaeolithic. [Oh, SA! You wouldn't, would you?] [Well. I might] I'm thinking that there's something worth thinking about [there's a remove from reality of Aristotelian proportions!] in an offhand comment Shimelmitz, Barkai, and Gopher made about what they call a 'handaxe roughout' found at Qesem Cave. It's 'made on a flake,' measures 170 mm x 140 mm x 75 mm, and weighs 1.68 kg. [Must have been some flake, speaking of powerful blows!] I think I see a tiny handaxe homunculus at the core [cough] of this so-called handaxe roughout. 
'Handaxe Roughout' from Qesem Cave (Gopher et al. 2005)
'Handaxe' from Qesem Cave (Gopher et al. 2005)

Ten points to the Witch or Wizard that correctly guesses where I'm going with this. 

Twenty points to the one who guesses what I'm going to say about fire!

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