Sunday 27 November 2011

The Wine for a Santa Cruz Warm Sunday Afternoon in November

My porch and the canyon it overlooks, pointing north.
OK, maybe today I'm being smug. I haven't bothered to include different pictures, 'cause they'd be identical with the ones that appeared in yesterday's post! It's 21 degrees (70 Fahrenheit) at noon on November 27 in Surf City (Santa Cruz), California. For those in the Antipodes or anywhere else in the temperate Southern Hemisphere I probably still need to remind you that, here on California's Central Coast, we're less than a month from the shortest day of the year. 

'Nother perfect afternoon. Just a breath of wind because the summer-like weather has invited the marine fog to venture close to shore and it sets up a temperature gradient. Otherwise, much the same as yesterday.

Same porch. Mine. Pointing south toward Monterey Bay, which is visible as the lowest darker blue patch near the treetops in the centre of the picture.
 And another perfect afternoon for a different California Pinot Grigio--Crane Lake. Pardon the plug. [I get no revenue, just the satisfaction of having fine wine at, in today's case, well below cat-pee prices.]
This bit of wine chat is from Wine Legacy: 'Shows how refreshing Pinot Grigio can be. It’s got subtle citrus, white peach and almond blossom aromas on the nose. Soft pear, apple and citrus flavors follow through on the palate; the wine finishes with a crisp, clean lemony snap.'
All true, and all because of the Crane Lake Winery, Napa and Sonoma Valleys, California. [If it weren't for them I'd prolly be broke!] Just a nice hint of toasty oak, and at under $3 I ain't complaining 'bout this one either. What's up, Docs?


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