Tuesday 13 December 2011

I Am Not Alone! Israeli Archaeologists Use Facebook to Help with Their Mysterious Vs.

This is truly amazing. Israeli archaeologists the other day reported finding several enigmatic V-shaped grooves in the floor of an excavated room. 
Caption that! Photo from Gizmodo.com
Totally stumped, they did something akin to what I'm hoping to achieve through The Subversive Archaeologist. They set up a facebook page and asked the world to come up with ideas. Today's irishtimes.com says that the Israelis have received 20+ thousand suggestions!
     A free trip to the archives for the best suggestion left in the comments. 

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  1. Well, that's good news, except who is going muddle through the 20+thousand suggestions? I like the idea though. I also understand that researchers working on the newly-discovered Australopithecus sediba remains in South Africa are going open source and have asked John Hawks (palaeoanthropologist who blogs a lot) to help them reach the online community of researchers to aid in their research design.


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