Monday 12 December 2011

Please Help By Taking the Poll: How Did You Get Word of This SA Post?

I'm very pleased with the response that The Subversive Archaeologist is getting. If the site statistics can be believed there were about 2000 page views in the past month, just about double that of the first month. And more people are feeling emboldened to comment nowadays, which is super. It's collegiality and the cross-fertilization of ideas that I've missed the most, existing on the margins of the academy for so long. So, I'm looking forward to more  exchanges like the ones we had surrounding putting MP archaeologists on notice. And I really mean it about working as a group to get at answers to data questions. Because of its fragility I'm not expecting to get much in the way of hard data on the Neanderthal ethmoid. But, as they say, hope springs eternal.
     Having said how pleased I am at your response, and the (evidently) growing readership, I'm keen to reach as many potential readers as possible. In that regard, I'm curious to know how worthwhile are my various ways of informing prospective readers. Several ways are automatic and readily available on the sidebar. You can 'subscribe' to The Subversive Archaeologist--by email, or RSS feed, or by 'following' the blog on Google friend connect. As many of you know I regularly 'share' my posts with 'friends' on facebook. Sometimes my facebook friends 'share' my post with their friends. My friend Bob Muckle, who has hundreds of twitter 'followers,' suggested that I start tweeting. So now I announce posts on twitter and Bob re-tweets my tweets when the content is substantive. If you have other ideas, please help me and leave a comment. And I'd be very grateful if you'd assist me by taking the poll at the top of the sidebar. 


  1. Since you told me about the blog, does that count as of word of mouth?

  2. And since I heard about it from Spawn’s blog, does that count as "Google friend connect"? :-)


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