Sunday 4 March 2012

Is This Wild? Or What?

I'll admit it. I miss things. But this is not the sort of thing you want to miss. 
     Dude! I've lived in Surf City, California (A.K.A. Santa Cruz) for 13 years. For most of that time I was aware that there was a surfing spot a little way up the coast called Mavericks. But until yesterday I had NO IDEA that it was, well. Unbelievable. The wave you see below (if you can call it that, and not a watery armageddon) is not in Hawai'i.

It's off the southern cape of Half Moon Bay, midway between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. 

But, get this. It's TWO EFFING MILES (3 effing km) OFF THE EFFING COAST! These monster waves the middle of ['scuse me] effing nowhere!

     Apparently there's a unique [no poop!] landform beneath the sea just at that place that concentrates wave power and creates a break point in the middle of the [effing] ocean! And, clearly, it's not just ANY break.
Here's a better image of the bathymetry.
Interesting. No?
      See you at Mavericks!


  1. Very cool stuff. If there are still local video stores in SC, they (used to) have sections of locally produced surf films of Mavericks, and they are insane. Seeing all these guys desperately trying to climb up the face of the wave to get over it or go in is ... you know, expletive expletive etc. Highly recommended viewing.

  2. Hey, Spawn. There are, and they do, and now they even have sponsored competitions when the waves are gnarly enough. Some years, they cancel if the waves don't make it. Kewl.


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