Saturday 10 March 2012

NewsSpotting Again! Gorilla My Dreams

Oh, I want a girl just like the girl that married Dear Ol' Dad! 
(Credit: San Diego Zoo Safari Park)
I can't resist drawing your attention to the news that now the gorilla genome has been sequenced. Elizabeth Pennisi writes in Science Now, 'A Little Gorilla in Us All.'

Word is that we're more like gorillas in some ways than we are like chimps, even if we are more like chimps and bonobos, overall, than we are like these wonderful creatures. Make of that what you will, the achievement is, still, quite awe inspiring.


  1. Don't you have gainful work you're supposed to be doing? thanks for posting us anyway! Someday we'll learn that nothing is as simplistic as we would like it to be!

  2. By 'us' are you referring to gorillas or gorilla(s) my dreams? I'm pretty sure there's a difference (at least in my mind). Here's to complexity!


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