Saturday 17 March 2012

Just a Bit Un-Reflexive. Don't You Think? American Archaeologists Invade Iraq

First, the oil. Next, the goodies. Perhaps archaeologists should know when their actions smack of good, old-fashioned colonialism, never mind that neo stuff. Talk about four fields anthropology! Whatever happened to the anthropological perspective? From SCI-TECH comes this reminder that we really haven't come very far in the last century.
[Note that in this post I do not repeat the name of the archaeologist quoted in this article, which I refuse to use 'cause she might think I'm singling her out for abuse, when I'm really aiming at the establishment and their lackeys! Oh, yeah, you're right. I'm singling her out, just the same. Names or no names, if the shoe fits, wear it. Better to just give the NSF or whoever's grant money to the Iraqi archaeologists and support that country's recovery from an illegal war that decimated its infrastructure, slaughtered hundreds of thousands, demoralized the people, allowed the rich history to be plundered, etc., etc. By the way, this next bit's in red, 'cause it might as well have been written in blood.]
"As the last U.S. convoy was leaving (on Dec. 17), we were headed into Iraq..."
For an encore, [name redacted to protect the guilty] and her colleagues have requested permission to investigate Ur itself, first heavily excavated by British archaeologist Charles Leonard Woolley eight decades ago [emphasis added]. Discovery of the intact tomb of "Queen" Puabi, buried with 52 poisoned attendants and gold adornments, made Ur world famous.
"Woolley was very good for his time, but he didn't have the methods we have now..."
I guess not! But is she talking about trowels and sieves? Or does she mean smart bombs? Water-boarding? Psy-ops? Sexual humiliation? Extraordinary rendition? The Green Zone?
     Leave the land previously known as Mesopotamia to the people--Kurd, Sunni or Shi'a! Jeebuz Criminy! Somebody please remind me we're in the twenty-first century!

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