Wednesday 6 June 2012

In Case Anyone Asks...

I've been busily working on the digital version of Cave bears and modern human origins. I recently had copyright returned to me. So, one day soon, the volume will be available for download. 
     This involves converting the MS Word doc to LaTex and tightening up the prose a bit. I've decided not to revise the substance of it because it seems to me that not much has changed since its first publication in '96, and the original data and findings are as valuable as they ever were.
     I'll be supplementing it with heaps of never-before-published images and other illustrative material. And for the first time the world will see the skeletal element relative proportions represented graphically. [For what that's worth!]
     I haven't forgotten my promises to churn out more stuff on Wonderwerk Cave [still waiting, Pauly]. And if I can ever feel comfortable boring you with Pettitt's [mis]treatment of my work, you'll be seeing that, too.
     I'm pretty much over this day. Any of you watch the transit of Venus? Big doings up at Mt. Hamilton, today. Well more than 250 of the public and numberless amateur astronomers were there taking in the phenomenon that we won't see again until 2117.
     Nitey nite.  
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