Friday 15 June 2012

Synonyms for 'Hooey'

I'm compiling a catalogue of words to use when I'm talking about anything less than sensible. By now you're all getting pretty tired of me saying preposterous!
     The first group that I've culled from the web follows.
balderdash, baloney, blarney, blather, blither, bull, bunk, claptrap [a personal favorite], codswallop [another], crap, a crock, drivel, drool, folly, foolishness, garbage, guff, hogwash, hokum, nonsense, malarkey, poppycock, rot, rubbish, silliness, twaddle
More to come. I've been on official Hogwart's business the past few days, so not much time to blurt. More soon.

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