Saturday 9 June 2012

The US Needs A Kick In the Ass

The donkey [also know as the ass] is the unofficial symbol of the Democratic Party, one of only two viable parties in the US political arena.
My Dad used to tell me that there were three things you didn't discuss if you wanted to err on the side of social propriety: religion, politics, and sex. This distinctly non-archaeological blurt has all three. I'm hoping that it's nevertheless subversive enough to be an acceptable topic for this blog. So, putting aside social propriety for the moment, let me admit... 
     I'm an atheist.
     I'm a political progressive.
     I like sex.
     But it's the second of these that's giving me pause to think these days. When, in 2000, it began to look like George W. Bush could steal the Presidency from Al Gore, I lamented the state of the union. When Bush won, I thought the end of  the world was at hand. I mean, I like drinking beer with the boys and girls as much as the next Peter Pan. But I wouldn't ever elect one of them President! Bush's presidency proved, once and for all, that big business is also big government, and that the President is little more than a figurehead [or a bobble-head, if you prefer]. 
     Then I thought for sure Bush would be on his way out after the first term. 9/11, WMDs, outing CIA agents, lying to Congress and the UN, over and over and over. The list is endless. But beat John Kerry he did. And it was four more years of 'Yahoo!' in the oval office. 
     Then Obama. Wonderful rags to riches story. A truly momentous victory in the body politic of the US. Only problem: he allowed himself to be sidelined by the corporations and the Chicago machine that put him where he is.
     And now it looks like Obama is in peril of losing the most powerful office in the land. His opponent is a Mormon, an adherent to what is patently a 19th century fabrication and a mean excuse for institutional polygyny. Had it not been for the Monroe Doctrine you'd never have heard of Mittens Romney. So, what's up with that? The US loves them some god-fearin' men, regardless of whether what they read in church was written in the 10th century BCE, the 4th century CE, or the 19th century CE. People are gonna believe what they want to believe, regardless of whether the author is their god, or a slimy, vainglorious, ex-Mason, religious fanatic like Joseph Smith.
     As for sex. Romney's a Mormon. Do you think for one minute that a rich Mormon has only one wife? As if. So, it's bound to come out. And I'm not even sure it'd be such a good thing if it came out before the election. After all, the disappointment that we progressives have felt in the past four years will only be continued if the liberal wins in 2012.
     This country shouldn't have to endure  such ignobility in its leaders, or such callousness in its congressional representatives. What this country needs more than sensible leadership is a constitutional amendment enshrining the separation of corporations and the state. Only in that way will this country dig itself out from the detritus of a string of corporatist governments that have dominated the last 30 years of politics. We need to invest in education [which has always been anathema to the right], and be the force for right that the US has always maintained [against the evidence] that it is [think of the US interventions in Central America, Hawai'i, and elsewhere]. And in case you've missed the import of my use of the the term Corporatist, remember that Mussolini, the Italian dictator who joined with Hitler in the second world war, preferred the term 'corporatist' to the term 'fascist,' even though the two were synonymous, and stood for identical political systems giving governance to the corporations.
     Just sayin.
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  1. it seems as you were built with a considerably more fabulous saturday and sunday compared to my personal! lol lol, i spent this understanding with regard to finals. ughhh.
    lovely blog site, incidentally!


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