Sunday 24 June 2012

It looks as if the Subversive Archaeologist has friends in high places.

You must read Iain Davidson's second online opinion piece. It's a comment on the preposterous claim that Neanderthals might have been responsible for the earliest cave paintings in Spain, recently reported in the media. Did I say 'reported'? I meant screamed about.
     'The art of loving Neandertals – they’re like us, but different.'
By the way, the postage-stamp-sized picture on the left is Iain. 

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  1. Rob and I would not be the friends we are if he did not expect me to point out that the Postage-stamp-sized picture is not me, but a picture of me.
    I am also not sure about the title of the blog.

  2. Iain. That kind of errant pedantry is something up with which I will not put!


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